My Opinion On The Warriors

i am very upset that this movie isn’t free due to the amount of information on juvenile huntington’s disease that is needed for everybody, it’s incredible and everyone should watch it but it shouldnt cost to educate so many when the need is so huge

researchers do not directly tell anyone this information unless you go out and get it, and then you have to pay to know the answers you can’t get yourself.. how fair is that? my opinion is that it should already be free they can collect donations without making people who are already suffering try to figure out how to get it pay for it watch it and try to forward it to their doctors and therapists, you know how much worse jhd gets in a year, you may say a year so that they can put all the money in research but it frusterates me because you know how progressed jhd gets in a year you know how many people are new to jhd and need this information and cant just get it… i’m allowed to have an opinion on this this has nothing to do with jhdkids its about everyone you don’t have to like or agree with me but i think its unfair to especially the jhd families I love all of these children i honestly don’t believe in profiting off of them.

I completely agree everyone should watch it, i’m upset for everything it can’t be if it were free for another year and more to get research money, if the jhd research is all riding on this one video we’re in a lot of trouble and then how did it keep going without the video? there is a huge issue with people not taking jhd seriously you know how that feels to have people belittle what you go through because they can’t see it?


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