why love a movie about graceful ballerina when i stand up and fall backwards almost twisting my ankle.. i think it’s because she is so strong in passion and heart and reason that the moment she finally leaps across the stage in her final performance is stunning, Dottie got a scrape on her leg im not sure how, me n mom keep a book of the days i have so i can remember them.. i miss my bitty boy terribly, if i focus too much on me dying it drives me insane on what to do, so i cherish what i can and live my life the way i normally would otherwise. I wish the other jhdkids could talk and relate but they can’t that’s kinda sad they can’t but they are all soo cute i love seeing their photos, it amazes me seeing their childhood photos compared to their now ones but you can still see how absolutely beautiful they still are, and if you can’t your missing out, even though we’d prefer a cure they’re still even more amazing at how they handle this they’re so inspirational to even me, i found a pair of sunglasses that fit well and get rid of polarized lights, i think we’re going to try a dentist but wha we have to be close to our hospital because of the med we’re trying i don’t know if we can even pull it off but its a big enough need to try for it i still don’t think i could stop moving for them the seizures and falling and everything seems to come all of a sudden to me, the only time i think im about to have one is i get severely ill at that point i hope its a seizure and not a bug that overexagerates

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