Through Different Eyes 

How do you see.. When you see me and others like me, do you pass someone who’s sick or do you think of a druggy, is it a curiosity or just something to do, are you going to ask or just ignore it.. Have you ever thought how many people do ignore it? Are you scared or just stressed or confused or just letting everyone lead you.. Do you talk to them who do you see, when they talk to you how do you look at it.. When you see this are you going to pass it, read part of it, read all of it, or embrace it.. I’m really curious.. How do you see.. A friend.. A community member.. A stress.. A sad case.. Not your issue.. None of your buisness.. Too much to handle..a playing card.. Taking advantage.. Running away.. Helping.. Getting involved.. Do you care.. How committed are you, are you leaving when it’s too hard because of how you see. Are who you see a moment in your life but a wish in theirs.. Do you see responsibility.. Do you see someone in pain,how can you tell.. Did you ask.. Did you see.. Did you look.. How painful it is, how important your view is, how you’re reacting, how real you are as not just one person but maybe just the person instead.. Not a million, just you who stopped to notice, to care, to want to help. Do you see importance or small causes.. Is there rebellion.. Did you choose to see this.. Were you born into it or some assignment or maybe family even friends.. Are you staying or leaving.. What do you see or do you deny what you see.. Do you care?

Juvenile Huntington’s Disease can be hidden in different ways, it exists its real, there’s so many suffering, so many angels.. Did you stay with them, are you with them now.. Did you ask.. Do you know how important and amazing they are.. Are you running or are you gone.. Did you leave part way through or just didn’t care what you’re decisions are. These kids can’t go play they aren’t able to fully talk to you and if they can will you be there.. When they walk odd or drop something.. Are they down the street, online, school, tv, neighbor, relative, in rumors. Do you know how bad the pain, machines, tests, hospitals, er runs, fear anger guilt acceptance frusteration, did you do something, will you? Who’s with them or is just anyone being there a way for you to leave, how is the family, how is the child looking.. What will your roll make happen. Will it hurt or help will you run or stay, will you help or ignore, stand up educate or be one in the millions that don’t care. Will you help them get what they dropped, send them a card,will you  tell people why they’re doing something will you stand up to them, care about them for who they are. Look in your eyes what do you do with what you see and how do you see it? They’re just like you if you see them and not just everything. 

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