Went to the drive in and got ice cream Daddy’s favorite place to eat and get lots of root beer like Mom got for Erica and went to the park and played with a Eurodane Graham apparently he loves the sand but is just learning about water but he sure slobbers a lot from it so far it’s just a giant water bowl he’s growing fast he’s..  European Great Dane tends to weight in at 180lbs and up. Usually topping the scales at 220–240lbs. With that weight comes a much blockier body, heavier head…showing a lot of the Mastiff that was used to breed this gentle giant….they are just BIGGER and he loves to play and talk and talk and talk he’s a full out puppy still!! Graham is still only months old.

graham and erica

The simpsons on my tv got unlocked and now i can watch all the seasons i should make it a goal to watch them all i think i’m pretty far already though starting at the bottom

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