Still Here

surviving, sickness and seizures and everything else on the roller but stepping where God and Jesus lead almost like stepping into empty air cant do most so watch the fish full body is just so ridiculous in varius new and old forms mostly bed stuck head is no good lots too going insane not on here bc of life sick is sick is sick frusterating sad scary alive taking it all in step  by step issue by issue i couldn’t word it its just.. being somewhere then where i was in jhd my Mom blessedly helping me posting the kids still i’d be soo lost without her esp since she’s my 24/7 carer and are my sleep patterns perfect for her lmao i’m sure she’s taking empty faithful steps too i love watching my fishy wonderland the red queen passed.. white queen white rabbit mad hatter alice cheshire cat are all okay also ‘loving my sleep schedule’ and hoover is doing great awhile bfre he can go in wonderland too

its comforting knowing god and jesus are in life and death always there is very much comforting


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