My body is stiffening not just hands anymore it’s like how you feel before you stretch out in the day or like sleeping on one side unable to rollover when it feels u really need to, except its painful not being stiff hurts and feels so uncomfortable but obviously I don’t get to decide anyways I just thought id tell you well I could because when karli did it I wondered how it felt it hurts if its not closed and hurts but less when it is plus the idea of damage pain..  Can’t even remember when I could look at the future and see years lives i only could and now see only moments symptoms pain second minute half hour.. My body locks itself but it isn’t as bad as I thought it would feel but the fear of my inabilities attached is scary as ever walking blankly into the unknown with god guiding me as i walk with god and jesus I can’t be on as much now i need to take this as graceful as possible to try to adapt even if it takes crying for hours I know it’s possible to get through time to go try to be like this thank you for your support and love yous very much my Mom updates jhdkids now for me often with me



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