JHD Progression

Leaving this computer i used to use all the time bc of my hands relying on my cell, there’s a lot of amazing people that don’t give up on you like my previous post and visits from katie.. but there’s also the people you try to rely on and they say not to talk to them or that i hurt them too much or they can’t handle me, i’m glad for the honesty but it hurts being stuck in the body that jhd has taken over that noone wants to watch or straight out hear about from the person going through it, it’s ridiculous i get it but i dont want it to be real because even though i’m getting worse hurting its better for them for me to be as far away from them as possible. I guess they only take doses, with optimistic people with jhd like my little sister. I wish i didn’t hurt people but i also wish they would put the fear away and be there no matter how many times they’ve said it they’d be here.

damn disease2
Who wants to watch this yet alone be there when its happening when you don’t have to. I’m 25.

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