What do you do when you go from hating the disease to hating what its making you do to hating who it’s turning you into.. how do you fix a poison going through you spreading to others you love without hurting them. How the hel* do you fix something you can’t control and if you can’t fix it how can you do it people for your own selfish motives. How do you stop hurting them without permanently hurting them by disappearing. If you can’t disappear and can’t fix it and can’t stop it or help what you want to be able to control then what do you do? You might keep saying you can’t see it, you don’t see the whole 360. I can see it i can feel it i can’t stop it if i could’ve it would have never existed and how do i spare others. Poison running through you to someone that said theyd be there to another person who said theyd stay but they leave, how do you stop. Stop talking to people? live in a box? become mute?

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