i’m updating memory pages on here and amazing ppl and kindness etc.. all incredible people places things i’ve gotten to do my family people who come through my life and people who never left it.. I know i’ve tried readying myself for this part, the part where you look back at the memories and know that you can’t do it anymore but it’s great to remember. I am angry, that this disease took my ability to do anything anymore, including helping jhdkids, making videos, video recording memories, and i’m mad it took so many people away, i’m mad i’m in so much pain all the time and that the best people are in the worst situations its not fair life is unfair.. I have no choice but to accept it and remember, but i’ve lost a lot of myself in grieving for so many and for who i was and for what i could do.. and it still continues to take and take and take and take some of the best things i’ve built up i’ve had to give way to, only to be losing more and more it seems soo fucking often too

My Sister Erica and Me At My First Concert, Skillet

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