I’ve been thinking a lot about the definition of family. Who makes up a family, who can be in your family? What role does each person take. You’d think it was easy to figure out until you try to explain it all and you get lost. I know there’s a lot of sayings out there.

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten, family is where home is but what happens when family doesn’t stay in the same place? Family Is Forever because of the never ending love and understanding and special memories that flow through it.

Here’s what i’ve come up with. When I see family I see Love. Unconditional no matter what you do or say they will always be there, they say because they have to be, but the truth is they want to be. Family is a blessing big or small blood or not. I can’t have kids so my kids have feathers scales and fur. I also see those amazing jhdkids and their families having such a strong connection and Love and understanding that I know those kids even if I have never met them. I consider them Family. I can’t have kids but my life has been and is still filled with them. Your family members might be mean or seem to hate you but we all know that when it all comes down to it you look in them and you see them.

Family makes you mad moves very far away lives very close you might not know them but they exist through you and you can’t get rid of that.

With my life being so tight knit when it comes to my family because of huntington’s disease, passing away, being strong trying to keep faith hope love every breath is another victory. Doctors hospitals er visits scary happy sad alone together. Family is unconditional love that you can’t escape a trust that isn’t always said and a wanting of being with them, to them they love who you are how you are no matter what and you are you and noone else. Noone else knows you the way family can pin you.


I share the santa photo of my family so much because I tried forever to get a family photo and it’s the one photo I managed to get. It’s really hard to get Daddy in family photos and get everyone to sit still.


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