Month by month 

The seizing gets worse 

If you go to my jhdvlogger on YouTube you can literally see it month by month worsening this is from today 

In 48 hours i go from can’t move to can’t stop moving and back

I had to stay siff straight flat on back arms straight still next to side waiting for excruciating pain to stop enough to fall asleep before it starts again jhd stomach aches also progressive are the worst along with the flu and jhd where you can’t stop moving, sometimes its being too completely stiff or seizing or feeling every nerve in your body and they all hurt to the touch or your body doesn’t realize it’s there yet these are some of the ways you can’t move or even sometimes just a blink hurts too bad for everything I recommend benadryl or whatever increases sleep and pain meds don’t work so you get creative i can only use generic red tylenol from family dollar and as you can guess foods and drink types become very selective 

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