The Future

i couldnt move my body this morning completely locked and real seizures and then just my left side was locked stuck wouldnt open for a long time but there was someone to support me all day i very much appreciate it and its much needed lol

The person i’d want to be most like is Lauren Holder
The people that inspire me for hope is Kyle Fink and Jan Nolta‘s research for juvenile huntington’s disease theres no mirrors hidden things like there are everywhere also.
My heros are.. everyone in the communities, the jhdkids the families my family like my mom Jane Mervar and sisters Erica Mukka and Karisa Mukka everyone who has something noone can help and everyone who does something good they didnt think they could do and everyone who breaks down the lies called mirrors
My hope for the future is that all the mirrors are broken down, everyone becomes kind to each other because pretty soon i think all of the children will be running the country and i mean preschool aged at the least, that there is no need for cures anymore and that the jhd initiative keeps going I want JHD to Rise and Meet HD and not just stay at the level it is
The people who’ve had the most influence on my life.. yikes, I guess everyone, past and present, and all the friends who have passed through my life also
The ones who have made everything possible God and Jesus, the ultimate price paid for us so I got to help the kids because they gave me everything including the passion to do it, and I want you to do that to change the world even in the smallest way in a good way do what needs to be done that noone else will do
now can i know your answers?

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