The Fair

The name is kind of ironic, i get to stay home from it and that is completely unfair seeing as everyone around me is going to it. It would be just the jhd but it’s also a virus amping up symptoms so i’d be on the ground seizing most the time, that is how fair life is. Karli used to love the fairs, the giant blow up slide shed go on over and over the ponies the cars you drive the petting zoo part she loved it. I’m sure she doesn’t miss it where she is now of course, and i guess i don’t just miss it, i just want to be there there’s a difference right? like circus’ and 4th of July stuff a lot of Christmas things even family Christmas at a chosen place where everyone meets and the etc.. it’s kind of even odder seeing my niece do this stuff too, i can’t tell how i feel about it i love my niece like crazy and i miss my sister like crazy too

karli (582).JPG

karli going down the slide over and over

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