i see videos of myself climbing little mountain walking all over playing ball with karli going through florida parks

karli bravely fought and even unable to get up she watched videos of herself, she loved to be on camera, because she was famous, i don’t

it’s not supposed to hurt anymore, my journey may be mainly memories now, but why does it hurt still, isn’t it supposed to be a sort of peaceful bliss to it, i’ve done so much why do i still want to do all these things i can’t, i need to accept it.. but how?

i’m getting a new stroller instead of a new wheelchair which is great i never knew it was possible i like the strollers

i throw temper tantrums and i’m 24, i think, should i care no is it the end of the world no i feel i have a right to anger in this and am surprised i haven’t thrown more throughout this whole time, so i break down when i want something, my body makes me feel this attachment and i truly believe it’s real if it does that to me how can i react differently

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