I wanna walk into my little sisters room and to see her in her bed with sully and visit the nursing home to see my dad and bring him candy and his favorite food id take this

I dream of a life with no jhd we can grow up and live lives and talk to each other and see each others kids my sisters healthy grandchildren my family grown and in touch bickering like sisters can not afraid to lose anyone sometimes i just dream of my daddy picking me up when i fall no more fears when someone goes to the hospital and you stay awake scared and hurting waiting for them to come back through the door and that’ll probably be me in the hospital now ericas showing more symptoms I don’t want her to hurt and be sick too

Karli Daddy and Karlis baby dog Sully went through a door but not this one one day I might go through the door too everyone left here hurting too I don’t want them to hurt when time comes and I don’t want anyone to regret anything

I cried at Karlis graduations concerts I love her so much I couldn’t help it, i even remember skipping one of them to play in gym not a good memory

Please just let me walk in her room and everything be there including her and daddy sitting by her visiting i never thought there was as much pain in the world as losing someone

so many friends passing away think one day i could be online theyd all be fine and alive and talk to me again i miss and love them i miss and love yous all!!

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