My mom built a fish hatchery its cool pregnant fish surprise maybe two

I pick up on things that can make things feel weirder like when a teacher is paying extra attention to your social skills with other kids or not ocd but some people truly do stare at you when you’re being watched to make sure your not having a seizure they heighten anxiety and i feel self conscious and notice my every move some don’t realize and see it the way i do to me its awkward even outside of school because I’m obviously not in school anymore but its the sense between how you look at it i see someone who probably is just a distant seen you before i see a fake hello how do you tell people are real, the beautiful butterflys on my ceiling sending me cards and writing and messaging me if they leave and get busier to me when i get sicker is it me or is it them not making time to talk to me while they still can am I still hurting them even when i leave them be busy most the time

No Regrets

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