they say my swallow is off and when i get too weak i cant tollerate food or liquid it does choke or throw up back out, progressively it will get worse until i probably die of starvation.. jello apple saauce milkshake ravioli it hurts watching me die.. all of these tests that i used to wait in the waiting room for for karli to be done with, except it’s me this time

i look for movies i can relate to lorenzos oil glass house good mother winters tale my sisters keeper youd be surprised how hard it is to find one i can relate to that doesnt have adult hd in it and miraculous recoveries

2 thoughts on “Life

  1. jacey I wouldn’t otherwise ask you this, but I was asked to write a blog onHD for rare disease day tomorrow. If I can use your comment here, perhaps it will do some good, like maybe a rich person will give to JHD research or just to raise awareness. If it is ok please email me rickilewis54@ and if I should use your name or not. . I’m thinking about you and hope you are ok.

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