So In The Past Few Minutes

I found out how people without hd in their families tend to react a friend sent this to me

-Jacey-  : they’re referring to my jhdvlogger account

Email I got in my inbox:

Tonight i was showing my boyfriend and 5 of his friends your videos. I said you were awesome and an inspiration. I wanted them to see others with Huntington’s besides myself.
ends up, they all laughed, said you were ugly and looked like you smelled bad. They also said you looked like you were faking it. Apparently they all watched many of your videos tonight. They sent them to others and then they laughed. Asshole (my bf) is asleep. im thinking of leaving him. how DARE him make fun of you when I got the same fucking condition.
there is NOTHING wrong with your nose ethier. your freaking beautiful. wtf is everyone saying ur ugly? heck i may as well be ugly too.
i know your NOT faking it and your NOT ugly. i may go to my moms until what i thought was my BF can learn to grow up. im really sorry. i just wanted to warn you incase you see people talking smack about you.
They also seen were we wrote back and forth about our bowel habits and what my dad did to me. they all laughed at ME too. wtf? this is what happens when you get into a gd relationship i guess. im so finnished with pretty much everyone i know !

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