Stomach Pain

I’ll categorize it in different parts

Stomach Acid, can also make you throw up, burning throat, spewing i call it (throwing up bouts of acid), and of course, the stomach pain it causes can be random and you can feel often confused why it’s so different then all of the other stomach aches.. not as high on pain scale

jhd stomach aches, i categorize them as, makes your stomach hurt and in the beginning you think it’s from nothing, and then later it’s going to have you go to the bathroom, and go when you can, you’ll be nauseated and it’ll make you so sick and you can stay up all night even how tired you are.. recliner i suggest is the most comfortable, i used to sleep in them. When you get the oppertunity and feel a bit better even for a few minutes try to fall alseep. It was mainly due to the need of medicine. They put me on glycolax.. never thought i could feel that painfree. It was like a miracle. It might seem not working at first, but keep it at regular all the time and it’ll even out… high on pain scale

Eating the wrong foods drinking something you’re body won’t accept anymore= extreme stomach aches. It’s mainly dairy your body rejects. You’ll be throwing up and going to the bathroom at the same time sometimes. ..very high on pain scale

Stomach aches can triggered by things, if you can’t handle the food or drinks don’t eat it or drink it unless you’re willing to sacrifice the pain. You will get frusterated. If you’re on the computer and you have to go to the bathroom, or on a tablet or game, take it with you, i’m serious if you’re sick to your stomach and it gets worse with the computer (if it’s not menstrual related) bring it with you so you can go to the bathroom easier

for girls there’s menstrual stomach pains and cramps made 10x worse by ulcers. You sometimes end up in the bathroom, sometimes throw up,  sometimes both. You keel over on the ground, hard flooring helps, and rock back and forth is what works for me, and don’t stop when you can’t feel it anymore it’s still there keep rocking, what also is miraculous is corn and beads in those material pouches that you can microwave to keep heat for your stomach… way even higher on pain scale

The only real pain medicine that works is the kind you find that works, if you find a kind that works, keep it, because most don’t work. I use a family dollar red pain reliever, only one that helps with stomach pain.

Sometimes you just have to use laxatives

It could also be a “muscle seizure”- the muscle contracts when you dont want it to


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