Pheonix ’09

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKarli and Mom had to stay home because of how sick Karli was.. so off to Arizona I went with Erica and her boyfriend!! It was a lot of fun Katie was watching us and we went to the mall and she was scared she was like you have to come bowling let me pick you up from the mall, because we originally just took the bus, Katie is sooo cute!! David was super funny and fun to have around and he caught one of the lizards, we met new people I think we had subway almost everyday. That guy pretending to be Billy when they were auctioning Billy and he was in his place to represent Billy. We even went to the movies and that theater was huge. I was recording Laura for her and Erica had to go to the bathroom and I told her she had to wait she asked me permission lmao my footage was destroyed maybe through the detectors on the way home or something, no recovering it, very sad moment.

the scrapbook page got wet see


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